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About us

The Law Firm EurAmbrosiano is made up of a team of lawyers all of whom have established reputations in various areas of law, combining the professional experience of lawyers Rocco Noviello, Gaetano Morazzoni, Vincenzo SangalliMaria Cristina Bruni and Andrea Bonifacio.

Our law firm operates with about twenty components, including professionals and members of the administration and secretarial office. Work is organized in flexible composition teams based on the nature of the assignment, in order to enable expertise, experience and a prompt and efficient service. Every case is the responsibility of one of the lawyers expert in the practice. Another lawyer is also assigned to the case at no extra cost to the Client. 

Our law firm always ensures a tailored response to his Clients, combining focus on the case, expertise, dynamism and ability to advise on several fronts.

Our lawyers assist and offer legal advice, follow litigations in Court, covering every stage of the dispute, Supreme Court or European Court included; plead on behalf of their clients in national and international arbitration.

They run workshop, tutorials and pubblications. Any material published by lawyers in the law firm never refers to a particular case or Client. Some lawyers in the law firm have constant contact with government departments and institutions to whom they offer their expertise in the field of law and administration.


The law firm has rigorous procedures in order to avoid any conflict of interest. Clients' confidentiality is ensured within the law firm and any conflict of interest is avoided. Where there may be possible conflict, the case will be dealt with by another lawyer. However, the lawyer assigned to a case has the duty to inform each Client that data relevant to the company, organisation or person will be collected and kept on the practice database so as to assist the Clients in the execution of the case. This data, protected by the lawyers' code of confidentiality, to which all lawyers in the law firm adhere, will be kept for the period strictly necessary for the execution of the Client's case. The Client can have access to the data and can check, change or delete this data at any time.


Our law firm will charge according to the professional fee (“Diritti” and “Onorari”, "Fasi" with subsequent modifications). Alternatively, Clients may be charged on an hourly basis. Specific agreements can be arranged. 

On the occasion of the first meeting or contact, the attorney in charge with the case will be able to give you all the relevant details concerning the estimated fees, in order to make clearer also the difference between the attorney fees and all the expenses (judicial, law firm correspondents, and travelling expenses etc). The law firm may ask also for retainer fees if necessary.

The above, of course, complying with anti money laundering (AML) law.

Clients will receive on a regular basis proforma invoices with a detailed breakdown of work undertaken. Clients will also be asked to make ongoing contributions. It is also possible for Clients to agree on paying monthly instalments with settlements at the end of each year. Accounts will be settled on a monthly basis, payment being made by the end of the month following receipt of invoice.

The firm and its members are insured for professional liability (policy UNIPOL n.82457536).

The accounts department will be at your disposal for any clarification.


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