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Banking law and public savings

Our law firm assists and offers legal advice in matters of credit negotiation, recovery proceedings, loans, savings protection, mediation and conciliation and all aspects of financial planning, investments, structured finance transactions.

Banking and finance law

Our lawyers deal with disputes relating to banking contracts, with particular reference to issues concerning calculation of interest, usurious interest (with reference to the judgment no. 350 of 2013 of the Corte di Cassazione), overdraft charges, interest rate thresholds, sureties and guarantees.

They assist clients in structured finance transactions, including:

  • Loan syndication
  • Acquisition finance
  • Leveraged finance.

Public Savings

Our lawyers assist private individuals and companies in matters of public savings, asset protected by the constitution. Our legal advice covers all aspects of financial planning, including investments and securities.

Our law firm looks after the interests of companies and investors with regards to financial products underwritten, any contractual matters concerning their issuers, intermediaries and contractual conditions. Pursues insolvencies looking for the most cost effective solutions for investors.

We operate within civil, administrative and criminal spheres and we pursue alternative solutions of ADR litigations.


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