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Civil and Commercial Law

Our lawyers have extensive experience within the civil and commercial law sector.

This enables them take care of several different areas and, in particular, business contracts, health care law, civil liability, property law, bankruptcy law, insurance law, family and probate law, debt collection.

Our lawyers provide judicial and extra judicial assistance not only in Italy but also abroad; furthermore they act as arbitrators and offer assistance in arbitration proceedings. 

Commercial law and business contracts

Our lawyers have extensive experience in business contracts, we deal with the writing and execution of contracts as well as the management of litigations. Our expertise extends to

-business transfer and rental,
-intellectual property rights online,
-copyright and unfair competition
not only in Italy but also abroad.

Our firm assists Italian and foreign leading companies operating in the industrial, commercial and service sectors and also in the field of retail, information technology, insurance, insurance brokerage, highway, railway and underground management, fashion, catering.

Insurance law and insurance brokerage

Our lawyers offer legal assistance and advice on all matters of insurance

-drafting of insurance policies
-interpretation of contractual clauses
-liquidation procedures
-insurance brokerage
-agency relationships. 

Health care Law

Our lawyers assist both private and public hospitals and health care companies in judicial and extrajudicial activity in administrative and civil areas.

Our work includes

-health care liability
-procurement and supply contracts in hospitals
-social and health services, authorizations, accreditations and DRG
-disciplinary actions and public health employment
-legal matters associated with social and health care agencies and pharmacies, drug legislation.

Partners in our law firm regularly participate as keynote speakers in seminars and conferences in the field of medical liability and medical devices. 

Civil liability

Our lawyers deal with contractual and non-contractual liability with particular focus on  liability from damages resulting from medical malpractice, professional liability and liability of manufacturers, contractors, administrators, auditors and directors.

Property law, real estate

Our lawyers specialise in contracts of purchase, sale and management of real estate; in due diligence, leases, condominiums, leased assets, legal boundaries.

Bankruptcy law

Our lawyers specialise in admission to insolvency proceedings, insolvency management, revocations actions on behalf of prosecutors and creditors.

Family and probate law

Our lawyers assist and offer legal advice on matters of separation and divorce,  unmarried couples, management of alimony, guardianship and financial assets.

In matters of probate law our work includes drafting of wills, inheritance, legitimate succession.

We look after the judicial and extrajudicial phases.

Debt Collection

Our lawyers have extensive experience in debt collection, injunctions, enforcement actions on securities, real estate and with third parties, debt restructuring.

Our lawyers provides judicial and extra judicial assistance not only in Italy but also abroad.


Our lawyers act as arbitrators and sit on Arbitration Panels of both private and National and International Chamber of Arbitrators in Milan.


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