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Law 24/2017 (Gelli Law): practical considerations in the shadow of implementing decrees

Law n.24/2017 innovates legislative framework on liability of doctors and healthcare practitioners and has important operational effects on risk management and malpractice disputes.

The meeting aimed to deepen the topics of greatest practical interest for operators and business functions, also in light of recent implementing decrees and Law 124/2017, which provides for the issuance of a unique table of disabilities.


- Ms. Martina Flamini, Judge of the Court of Milan, First Civil Division

- Mr. Rocco Noviello, partner of Studio legale associato Calleri Noviello & Morazzoni Sangalli

- Mr. Lorenzo Polo, Legal Doctor

- Mr. Luca Franzi, Chairman AIBA and Vice President AON SpA

Civil and commercial law


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