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The Law Firm EurAmbrosiano

Our Firm offers its clients a solid counsel and legal services, with further aim to combine tradition and innovation.

Law practice - areas

We cover all major areas of law with particular strengths in civil and administative law. The four main areas of practice are:

  • civil and commercial: commercial law and business contracts, insurance law and insurance brokerage, health care law, civil liability, property law and real estate, bankruptcy law, family law and probate, debt collection, arbitration
  • transport and employment: transport law, including road haulage transport, air transport, shipping and logistics, international cabotage, administrative penalties, extrajudicial (contract drafting and negotiation) and litigation, public and private employment, managers' contracts, redundancy procedures, privacy, copyright, consultancy and  pubblications
  • banking and public savings: banking law, credit negotiation, recovery proceedings, public savings, structured finance transactions
  • administrative and corporate: procurement and public work, services and supplies, town planning and construction, expropriations, environment, administrative matters related to health care law and trade, proceedings in front of independent administrative authorities, Banca d'Italia, litigation before the Corte dei Conti and the Court of Justice of the European Union, EU law, corporate law, M&A.

If necessary, our law firm works together with trusted lawyers specialised in criminal law.

Focus on Client

We closely follow the goals and the needs of the Client.

We always ensures a tailored response to our  Clients,  in a long-term trust relationship, also for the ability to advise him in all his requests in civil law, commercial, corporate, and administrative law.

Our lawyers work with care for the best protection of the rights of the Client.

We support our Clients in decision making.  We advise both large groups and family-run businesses, 


Our law firm has preserved the values of in-depth case study, dedication, correctness, care for work, reliability and technical competence.

We are open to change and we believe in cooperation with the Client.

Our business philosophy includes confidentiality, integrity and courtesy.


Our law firm has a solid knowledge of various legal systems and pays attention with their evolution, with particular reference to Community law.

Legal services

Our lawyers assist and offer legal advice, follow litigations in Court, covering every stage of the dispute up to the judgement of the Corte di Cassazione or the European Court.

They also assist clients with respect to national and international arbitration. They pursue and conduct alternative dispute resolutions (ADR); they provide legal counseling. They hold seminars and publish on matters of competence.

Our law firm has offices in Milan, Rome, Turin, Ferentino, Tirano and offers legal advice not only in Italy but also abroad, in English, French and German.

Our law firm is member of the Italian-German Chamber of Commerce AHK.



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