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INPS - Demand for contributions.

Our Firm successfully followed the director of a limited partnership in the dispute against INPS (Court of Milan).

We obtained the cancellation of the assessment notice that enrolled the director in the INPS lists with the consequent demand for huge INPS contributions.

Civil and commercial law

Rights to health and gender identity

Mr. Andrea Bonifacio successfully protected the rights to health and gender identity - safeguarded by the Constitution and the European Charter of Human Rights - obtaining for his client sentence of rectification of sex according to Law 164 / 82 and Legislative Decree 150/2011, without surgical intervention on anatomical sexual characters.

Civil and commercial law


Mr. Andrea Bonifacio attended the meeting “Access to credit and granted guarantees” with a report on the most recent discipline of "Confidi" and on issued guarantees with the view to credit risk mitigation.

Banking law and public savings

Transparency day 2017 – TrasparEnti

Mr.Michele Calleri and Ms.Serena Patrisso attended the meeting "Transparency in public procurement: between the new  procurement rules and Legislative Decree 97/2016", analyzing legislation, principles, data to be collected and processed in public procurement.

Civil and commercial law

Law 24/2017 (Gelli Law): practical considerations in the shadow of implementing decrees

Mr. Noviello attended the meeting "Law 24/2017 (Law Gelli): practical considerations in the shadow of implementing decrees" on October 13, 2017, at Istituto Auxologico Italiano headquarters in Via San Luca 13 Milano.
The conference wanted to deepen the implementation of Law 24/2017 "Provisions on safety of treatments and of assisted person as well as on professional responsibility of healthcare practitioners ", in the presence of legal, insurance and medical exponents.
Topical and practical questions for the healthcare sector have been addressed.

Civil and commercial law

Transport chain: joint responsibility in use of detached drivers

The Legislative Decree 136/16, in implementation of the Directive 14/67 / EU, extends the rules of cross-border detachment to road cabotage.
In the Norme & Tributi newsletter of AHK Chamber of Commerce Mrs Bruni and Mrs Patrisso describe obligations and consequences of failure to comunicate detachment.

Transport law and employment law

Road transport 2017

Our law firm, along with FAI Milano, organized the meeting Road transport 2017.
The conference has been an important time to deepen and compare the main and current managerial and regulatory aspects for transport and logistics companies, who have to deal with increasing risks and responsibilities, competition and norms.

Transport law and employment law

Serena Patrisso Italian Representative 2017 by IICUAE

The Italian Industry & Commerce Office in the UAE – IICUAE appointed Ms. Serena Patrisso as 2017 Italian Representative, with the aim of offering legal advice to Italian enterprises interested in starting their own business in UAE.

Civil and commercial law

Connected to the world of business, London 19-22 October 2016

Our law firm attended the Alliott 2016 Worldwide Conference in London, focused on critical subjects to winning, servicing and retaining clients with multi-market business interests, with speakers from the Bank of England, the Department for International Trade and the Confederation of British Industry.

Civil and commercial law

Safety in road haulage

The Conference, in collaboration with FAI Milano, deepened aspects of criminal and administrative liability of trucking firms and its employees, considering the new provisions about road murder and rules against illegal immigration and terrorism, in order to prepare behaviors, preventive procedures, best practices, due diligence by the Company.

Transport law and employment law

Uber and ride sharing

How does the legal status of Uber and ride sharing companies vary around the world? Alliott Group's law members give their opinions in our first 'Bigger Picture' publication. Mr Calleri talks about the situation in Italy.


Transport law and employment law


Our law firm, along with FAI MILANO and Confcommercio, attended the meeting “Regulation of road transport market ten years after the reform”.
The conference took stock of the application of road transport regulations in Italy,national and international, and provided a guide to best practice that operators in the supply chain (customers, shippers, carriers and owners of the goods transported) should take.
A series of case studies helped to deepen the most common and urgent problems:

Is still possible brokerage and resale of trucking services? Do you need just a written contract to commission the transportation? Is DURC enough to indemnify purchaser? What happens when carrier is foreign? What does the law say? Management models 231 Burden of proof in shared responsibility: towards a 231 model of trucking?

Transport law and employment law

CRD IV - new power of supervisory authorities

On 19 October 2015 Mr. Calleri attended the meeting “CRD IV: the main news for banks - from organizational set-up to new power of supervisory authorities - BAIL-IN: the new rules on bank crisis ", arranged by Unione Fiduciaria.
He gave a talk on “Sanctions provided by the Bank of Italy for directors,auditors, employees and outsourcers.”

Banking law and public savings


Our law firm assisted as legal advisor in refinancing and debt restructuring of an important industrial company.

Banking law and public savings

Illegal transport and copy of the authorization

The magazine IL FORO ITALIANO published, in the September 2014 issue, the favorable judgment obtained by Ms.Bruni for a case of illegal transport.
The judge, with the judgment n.2440 4/10/2014 of Giudici di Pace, Milan Sezione V Civile, believes that there is no violation of law no. 298/74 art.46 and therefore, there is not illegal transport when the offense relates only to not having a copy of the authorization in the vehicle.

Illegal transport can result in the sanction of the vehicle until its confiscation in case of repeated similar violations.

Transport law and employment law

Clinical evaluation of medical devices, in-depth analysis

On 23 September 2014 Mr. Noviello attended the meeting “Clinical evaluation of medical devices” and gave a talk on “Civil and criminal liability for the clinical evaluation of medical devices: how protect themselves”.

Health care law

Leveraged buyout

Our teams of commercial and banking lawyers assisted as legal advisor in the successful leveraged buyout of an important company in the lighting industry. Our law firm managed the negotiating and the drafting of contracts with several vendors and the financial sponsor.

Banking law and public savings

Eighth Italian-German economic forum

On the occasion of the eighth Italian-German Economic Forum our Law Firm has been introduced as a new member of the Italo-Germanic Chamber of Commerce AHK, the most important of foreign chambers in Italy.
We are proud of our participation, this will help the development of our German Desk, said Mr.Calleri.

Civil and commercial law

Alliott Group Emea

The interest of the participants of the annual conference Alliott Group EMEA (Rome 8-10 May 2014) focused on the cooperation between Alliott members. In this context, Mr. Calleri explained the projects of the law firm related to Expo 2015 and Mr. Noviello gave a speech on “Steps for a real estate sale contract in Italy by foreign citizens“.

Civil and commercial law

Liability of physician and hospital

Here are three important judgments by the the Supreme Court (Corte di Cassazione) in matters of medical liability:

-n. 15991/2011 on the causal relationship between medical act and harmful consequences suffered by patient

-n. 24144/2010 with regard to liability of head physician

-n. 16754/2012 on the subject of damages to the parties involved in the so-called "Unwanted birth."

Civil and commercial law

Alliot Group live on Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph expressed an interest in filming the Alliott Group for their business section during the annual EMEA conference which was hosted earlier this year in Dublin.

The film captures the culture, social ethics and gives insights about the Alliance through numerous interviews from both members and respective Regional Chairmen

Civil and commercial law

Clinical evaluation of medical devices

On 6 July 2013 Mr. Noviello attended the meeting “Clinical evaluation of medical devices” and gave a speech on “Civil and criminal liability for the clinical evaluation of medical devices : how protect themselves”.

Health care law

Mrs. Bruni and Mr. Calleri at International Forum of logistics and road transport

Mrs. Bruni and Mr. Calleri attended the International Forum of logistics and road transport on February 28th and March 1st, in Verona.

An institutional roundtable and six technical workshops with leading experts to analyze the hottest issues in the field: Sustainable logistics, Air Transport, Business globalization, City logistics, Future of road transport, Technological innovation in road transport.

Transport law and employment law

Civil and criminal liability

Mr. Noviello attended the meeting “Dispositivi medici” (medical devices), with a speech on “Civil and criminal liability: how protect themselves”.

Civil and commercial law

Healthcare responsibility in surgery

Mr. Noviello attended the meeting “Sala operatoria” (operating room) with a speech on informed consent, deepening the peculiarities of consent in surgery.

Health care law

Terms and conditions for online sale of tourist services

The Law Farm has prepared terms and conditions for online sale of tourist services according to rules of new Code of Tourism, D.lgs n. 79/11.

Civil and commercial law


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