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Serena Patrisso Italian Representative 2016 by IICUAE

On 7 December 2015 the Italian Industry & Commerce Office in the UAE – IICUAE appointed Ms. Serena Patrisso as 2016 Italian Representative, with the aim of offering legal advice to Italian enterprises interested in starting their own business in UAE.
IICUAE is a non-profit organization - acknowledged by the Italian Government as an authorized overseas Italian Chamber of Commerce- that offers consistent assistance to Italian enterprises in their survey and approach to the bustling UAE market, as well as to the Emirati operators who are interested in the Italian market.

Civil and commercial law

Accountancy & Law Alliance of the Year in the Global Market

Alliott Group has won the prestigious Finance Monthly Law Award for Accountancy & Law Alliance of the Year in the Global Market 2015 UK.
The Finance Monthly Law Awards recognise law firms and legal professionals who, over the past 12 months, have consistently excelled in all aspects of their work and set new standards of client service. The honorees drive the industry by coupling client focus with unparalleled knowledge. They work on a global scale.

Civil and commercial law

Services for Expo 2015

Our Law Firm promoted a new portal for Expo event.
Through the portal you will be able to find well known firms, also for transparency and integrity.

Transportrecht und Arbeitsrecht

Fencing flash mob

We invite you to recognize Mr.Calleri in the fencing mob that Piccolo Teatro Milano performed on Sept. 7, 2014.
En garde!

Civil and commercial law

Eighth Italian-German economic forum

On the occasion of the eighth Italian-German Economic Forum our Law Firm has been introduced as a new member of the Italo-Germanic Chamber of Commerce AHK, the most important of foreign chambers in Italy.
We are proud of our participation, this will help the development of our German Desk, said Mr.Calleri.

Civil and commercial law

Liability of physician and hospital

Here are three important judgments by the the Supreme Court (Corte di Cassazione) in matters of medical liability:

-n. 15991/2011 on the causal relationship between medical act and harmful consequences suffered by patient

-n. 24144/2010 with regard to liability of head physician

-n. 16754/2012 on the subject of damages to the parties involved in the so-called "Unwanted birth."

Civil and commercial law

Alliot Group live on Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph expressed an interest in filming the Alliott Group for their business section during the annual EMEA conference which was hosted earlier this year in Dublin.

The film captures the culture, social ethics and gives insights about the Alliance through numerous interviews from both members and respective Regional Chairmen

Civil and commercial law

Clinical evaluation of medical devices

On 6 July 2013 Mr. Noviello attended the meeting “Clinical evaluation of medical devices” and gave a speech on “Civil and criminal liability for the clinical evaluation of medical devices : how protect themselves”.

Health care law

Mrs. Bruni and Mr. Calleri at International Forum of logistics and road transport

Mrs. Bruni and Mr. Calleri attended the International Forum of logistics and road transport on February 28th and March 1st, in Verona.

An institutional roundtable and six technical workshops with leading experts to analyze the hottest issues in the field: Sustainable logistics, Air Transport, Business globalization, City logistics, Future of road transport, Technological innovation in road transport.

Transport law and employment law

Civil and criminal liability

Mr. Noviello attended the meeting “Dispositivi medici” (medical devices), with a speech on “Civil and criminal liability: how protect themselves”.

Civil and commercial law

Healthcare responsibility in surgery

Mr. Noviello attended the meeting “Sala operatoria” (operating room) with a speech on informed consent, deepening the peculiarities of consent in surgery.

Health care law

Terms and conditions for online sale of tourist services

The Law Farm has prepared terms and conditions for online sale of tourist services according to rules of new Code of Tourism, D.lgs n. 79/11.

Civil and commercial law

Mtitigation of the risk in Health Care

On 9 November 2010 Mr. Noviello attended the conference "Legal developments: the impact of health risk on the litigation value and on mitigation strategies”, at the presence of about 150 operators in the health world, the Health Managers of hospitals and health care companies in Lombardy.

Mr. Noviello, after commenting on the emerging data from research IRER and on risks arising from the evolving of law cases on the subject, outlined strategies and practical steps that health professionals and structures must take when they provide health services.

Civil and commercial law

Hotels and tour operators

The Law Firm is acting against Columbus and other companies of I Viaggi del Ventaglio in order to assist the relevant creditors, hotels and tour operators in the settlement procedures filed in Milan and Genoa.

Diritto Civile e commerciale

Responsability of web spaces

The ninth section of the Civil Court of Rome, fully accepting  the claim raised by Mediaset against YouTube, filled by this Law Firm, has ordered the immediate clearing of all the content illegally uploaded on Youtube servers. Specifically, the order refers to the reality show know as "Grande Fratello" (Big Brother).

With this award, which refers to the proceeding started in July 2008 against YouTube by Mediaset, for the first time worldwide the right of broadcasters and publishers to see protected their I.P. is granted against providers. According to Court injunction, sites like YouTube are not simple "web spaces", but real publishers who must comply with the rules as all other media therefore they are liable for the content that they exploit to display advertising.

Read the Ansa news


Diritto Civile e commerciale

Municipality of Milan

The fourth Section of the Administrative Court (Tar) of Lombardy granted the request for suspension of the acts taken by the Municipality of Milan, that would have prohibited the traffic of all commercial vehicles within the restricted traffic area –Cerchia dei Bastioni- (out of the hours of loading and unloading) with enforcement from January 2010.

The Administrative Court of Lombardy – Milan grasped the meaning of the reasons of the claim, raised by some trade associations and private companies and filled by this Law Firm: the necessity to protect development needs and strengthening of the economic resources of the city, the services to citizens,  the consideration that environmental protection should be pursued with different means and plans, without thickening the commercial vehicle traffic in a unique and specific period of time, that would amplify the polluting emissions into the atmosphere.

Diritto Civile e commerciale

Transparency International

Michele Calleri had the honor to assist Transparency  International during the first meeting with the Chinese Government delegation on issues of local and international corruption.

At the meeting there were present, among others, the Administrative chief Executive Officers and the officers responsible for controlling those public companies operating in markets more interested in the specific issue.

During the meeting what really stands out  was the importance of citizens’movements of opinion in order to increase and support those practices aimed to the control of corruption.

Diritto Civile e commerciale

Copyright protection

Gaetano Morazzoni, about the case filled by this Law Firm on behalf of RTI (Mediaset) against You Tube, has declared:“copyright protection is the unavoidable recognition of the creativity of the human talent, essential for the civil progress and the moral sense of the people."

Diritto Civile e commerciale

AG Legal in Milan

This year the Annual Meeting of AG Legal was held in Milan, at Marriott Hotel, from 15th to 17th May. On this occasion, lawyers, members of the AG worldwide organisation, visited Studio Legale Associato Law Firm, where a technical session of the convention was also taken place.

Diritto Civile e commerciale

TV appointment to auto carriers

TG Fai, the weekly appointment of TV information dedicated to auto carriers and created by Fai Conftrasporto, begins to broadcast on Channel Italia and sat stations SAT8 - SAT9. Among participants to the project our attorneys Michele Calleri, Maria Cristina Bruni and Benedetto Fratello from the Law Firm and attorney Francesca Fiorini from Ferentino office.

Diritto Civile e commerciale

AG Legal in Amsterdam

AG Legal annual partner meeting was held on the 29-30th November and AG Organisation this time, after Brussels in March, decided Amsterdam for the location. The Law Firm was represented by attorneys Rocco Noviello, Michele Calleri and Cristina Bruni.
Diritto Civile e commerciale


On the 6th of Dicember members of the Commissione Legale Conftrasporto met in the Law Firm of Via Leopardi. Topics dicussed were: discussion on the law-proposal in logistics matter, update on tax-bonus and carrier responsibility.
Diritto Civile e commerciale

Commissione Legale Conftrasporto

Attorney of the Law Firm Michele Calleri has been nominated as coordinator of the Commissione Legale Conftrasporto, Legal Board of major Italian law firms which deals with law of auto carriers of goods for third parties.
Diritto Civile e commerciale

Our Law Firm member of AG Legal

Our Law Firm becomes member of AG Legal, an organisation which gathers 140 professional firms in 68 countries all around the world.
Diritto Civile e commerciale

Law Firm Calleri Noviello & Morazzoni Sangalli

The Law Firm Calleri Noviello & Morazzoni Sangalli has been established after long-lasting partnership among attorneys well established in their own areas of practice.
Diritto Civile e commerciale


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